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Pregestimil LIPIL

The first choice for cow's milk allergy with fat malabsorption

Pregestimil LIPIL is an extensively hydrolysed hypoallergenic formula with 55% of fat as MCT oil, specially designed for babies with cow’s milk allergy (CMA) and fat malabsorption or maldigestion. Pregestimil LIPIL is nutritionally complete and suitable for babies from birth.

Hypoallergenic formula with MCT oil

  • The same extensively hydrolysed protein as Nutramigen LIPIL, with the lowest allergenic potential1
  • With medium chain triglycerides (MCT) – an easily digested source of energy2
    • Easily absorbed by infants with fat malabsorption2
    • Provides an abundant source of rapidly available energy2
  • Suitable for treatment of food allergy with malabsorptive enteropathy, as recommended by ESPGHAN3
  • Enriched with LIPIL – clinically proven to support brain and eye development4-6 Learn more

Degree of hydrolysis7


Clinically proven for infants with:

  • CMA or severe food enteropathy8
  • Fat malabsorption9-13
  • Pancreatic insufficiency9
  • Bile acid deficiency9,14


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