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Weaning infants with Cow's Milk Allergy

Weaning is a key nutritional and developmental milestone. It can be a source of excitement for parents, but also worry, especially if their infant has cow’s milk allergy (CMA). Parents can benefit greatly from practical advice and support from healthcare professionals during this crucial period.

  • The principles of weaning infants with CMA are the same as for non-allergic children, except for the elimination of cow’s milk from the diet. Learn more

Cow’s milk is an important source of energy, protein, calcium and some fat-soluble vitamins.

  • It is therefore vital that suitable alternatives to milk, such as Nutramigen LIPIL and Nutramigen PURAMINO, are continued during weaning to help ensure that infants don’t miss out on these essential nutrients.1
  • Extra care is also needed to encourage infants with CMA to eat a variety of flavours and textures to help prevent faddy eating behaviour and to establish healthy eating habits.2

Adventures in food


Up to 12 months of age, babies are usually willing to try new foods, offering an ideal opportunity to introduce a wide variety of foods.3 Early experiences of flavours and food textures (runny, lumpy, chewy and crunchy) are an adventure for babies, and set the stage for life-long eating habits.4,5

Studies have found that infants fed Nutramigen prefer foods containing savoury and bitter flavours like broccoli as they get older, in comparison to children fed other types of formula.4

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